One night stands film songs alta

one night stands film songs alta

Elk Grove - Old Downtown Elk Grove Blvd - There are sightings of a woman dressed in white walking the streets but when you turn back to look at her face, you see nothing but darkness or no face at all. Dinuba - Dinuba high school - auditorium - teachers have heard doors closing by themselves lights turn on and off by themselves, being watched while walking down the halls, and feelings of being forced down stairs. He wanted to get his equipment and get out. At one point seven of many of the staff saw what looked like a hazy white long sleeve shirt, with no head or legs, wondering around in the library as if looking for a book. Every day before work started, the door to the room would be open even if it was locked the night before Take Caution. This painting is extremely life like. Hanford - Kings River Bank - A ghost has been seen by the workers. The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck up and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral. one night stands film songs alta

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Cold and warm spots are felt in certain places. Dublin - The Outback Steakhouse - Cold spots reported. Kern county - Lone Pine - Recreation park off hwy 395 - a little girl sliding down the slide wearing a pink jacket and a white shirt with pig tails small maybe 3 or 4 years old scene at night. Haunting includes "clowning on ricers "stealing altezza lights" Healdsburg - Madrona Manor - This Victorian era hotel is the home of a ghost that lives in one of the ground floor rooms. His ghost has been seen by many including Aaron Spelling. Noises coming from the ceiling like someone was climbing threw the air shafts. Hollywood - Immaculate Heart High School - Sometimes individual students see the shadow of the nun when the closet's open In the drama room. Students and even the teacher who uses the room report an eerie presence there.

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The 3 crosses were of people that died there from car accidents because it's so dark and the tombstone. Georgetown - Georgetown Hotel - Woman who lost her lover committed suicide in the miner days and jumped from the upstairs balcony. Hayward - Cal State University - Ghosts are seen near Robinson Hall around 10pm. Los Gatos - Opera House - A ghost is known to haunt the Opera House in downtown Los Gatos. There are some sections that are gated and padlocked that have not been kept up in the home due to this. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral. Los Angeles - Cathedral High School - The Cold spots near the senior patio. At that time the bleachers had black plastic around the back because they stored equipment there. Hanford - Calvary Cemetery - there is a mausoleum in that cemetery that opens up every one night stands film songs alta Friday people and tourists come to see this strange building they come to visit friends family and to look around the building there. Fontana - BIG LOT'S - formerly Pic "N" Save stores - This is the BIG LOT'S store located off Sierra and Foothill Blvd. Reported to have 3 ghosts, The man hung himself, one woman was murdered and no one really knows what happened to the third one. This house was one time used as a stop over for people coming to the San Pedro seaport to Los Angeles back in the late 1800's. Irvine - Woodbridge High School - there has been sightings of a large black apparition roaming the school sometimes if you see it you must get far away from it sometimes the apparition will get mad and throw school trashcans around. No one has ever seen her upstairs, they believe it's because there's nowhere to fall downstairs and she feels safer there. Some have reported seeing red eyes peer out through closets and darkened bedrooms. December 2006 Additional information: In the early 80's, a young man, distraught over a recent heart break, Jumped to his death from the top of the parachute ride. Then laugh and disappear. You can also hear him in the restrooms (boys Girls) crying, screaming trying to open the doors, screaming "please let me out". She is known to locals as The Blue Lady. Lights have been seen in the building even though it has no power. Whatever the veracity of its history may be, the round room has a deep and pervading negative prese nce, and be careful, there have been several murders there over the years, reportedly by people in white robes. Grew from 15,000 to 380,000 largely because of that single event. Los Angeles - The Dodger Stadium - Ghost seen sitting in the seats. One technician has claimed to feel a cold breeze sweep across his neck while on the cat walk. It has also been observed moving across the football field. Lake Forrest - Best Western Hotel - Employees have felt uneasy around the bottom floor rooms. On other parts of the trail a blonde woman can be seen run between the trails, it never happens in same place twice. Alameda, kaufman Auditorium, you can hear noises, and people have sighted a female ghost walking around backstage. Two old stage hands bicker in the wings. East Los Angeles - 4th. Fanatical gold seekers followed Marshall wherever he went, thinking that he had a magical gift for finding gold. It looks like its moving - like someone is carrying. one night stands film songs alta

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